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1st Tribal Lending - 80 Years of combined lending experience.

Why 1st Tribal Lending

1st Tribal Lending is comprised of the most experience HUD Section 184 lending team in the nation. Much of our staff has been in the HUD Section 184 industry for greater than ten years. Our underwriters were among the first in the nation to become approved to directly underwrite this loan product.

The 1st Tribal Lending team has successfully closed thousands of HUD Section 184 loans across the nation. Within this amazing volume of lending, loans on the reservation, off the reservation, site built construction, manufactured homes, and purchases on and off the reservation, and refinances for a multitude of purposes have been successfully funded. Some lenders do only one or two of these options. 1st Tribal can do them all!

Choice and Flexibility

If construction or renovation is your objective; our staff is ready and capable of handling a small renovation to a complete build from scratch. We can handle anything the program allows. Working with Tribes and the Bureau of Indian Affairs Offices is a specialty of ours. While other banks and lenders shy away from ‘on reservation’ lending, 1st Tribal Lending views it as a great part of our mission. The epicenter of the tribe is the reservation. With this in mind, we wish to help the tribe achieve and exceed its housing goals.


1st Tribal Lending is also committed to the Native American Tribal Members in urbanized areas. We continue to outreach to those Native American Tribal Members who are unaware they have access to this wonderful program. Thousands of tribal members have successfully purchased homes in urban areas using the HUD Section 184 loan.

Why use anyone else?

When considering our high level of experience, great customer service, and commitment and enthusiasm for serving the Native American population.

We at 1st Tribal Lending thank you for considering us for the most important task of creating your home.

The 1st Tribal Lending Team

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Loan Facts you should know:
  • You must be an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe to qualify
  • Your home can be on or off the reservation (within approved areas)
  • Downpayments are as low as 1.25% – 2.25%
  • Gifts and tribal assistance are permitted
  • Regular 30 yr fixed interest rates available
  • No hidden terms or fees
  • Common sense approval process
  • Low Monthly Mortgage insurance
  • Only a 1.5% guarantee fee to the government
  • Doublewide and modular homes allowed
  • Cash out refinance to 85% loan to value
  • New construction and renovation allowed
  • In-house loan approvals and funding