Best Native American Websites

Best Native American Websites

We here at 1st Tribal love being a part of the Native American culture and have found that there are also many out there that share our passion for educating and informing people. Hopefully for many of you, these websites won’t need a ton of explanation since most of them are pretty popular Native American websites. Unfortunately on this list we are not putting some of the best Native American museums and their websites, because they have their own post. So, without further ado, here is a list of some of our favorite, and some of the best Native American websites and blogs:


Beyond Buckskin

A recently discovered site for me, but amazing nonetheless. Ran by Dr. Jessica Metcalfe, Beyond Buckskin focuses mostly on fashion, cultural appropriation, and much more. Beyond Buckskin is a well ran website with interesting articles. They also feature designers in their Artist Profile section, allowing you to get into the heads and understand inspiration of designers.


Indian Country Today

A website that I regularly check for the latest new having to do with Native Americans, Indian Country Today is a great site to find out what is currently going on for Natives. Some major topics include legal new, arts, events, powwow schedules, crime, sports, and more. Indian Country Today has some amazing contributors and writers on the site that present the news in a brilliant and thought provoking fashion.


Native Peoples 

One of the foremost Native arts and culture magazines, Native Peoples is a great site to go to for events, resources, and the latest news having to do with Natives. Founded in 1987, Native Peoples states on their website that, “Our editorial perspective continues to pay homage to the dignity of the history of Native America and the vibrant contemporary world of Native “living cultures”.” Their website also has a feature where you can see some of the feature articles that are in the magazine on the website.


Red Man Laughing

The official site of comedian Ryan McMahon, Red Man Laughing features interviews with cultural leaders, artists, and thinkers as well as comedic routines, music, and more. In his podcasts and interviews, Ryan explores the good and the bad between Indian country and mainstream culture. There are thousands of subscribers to Red Man Laughing, as well as an active forum community that discusses many different subjects.


Santa Fe Indian Market

“Bringing Native arts to the world by inspiring artistic excellence, fostering education, and creating meaningful partnerships.”  -Mission Statement

For 93 years, the Santa Fe Indian Market has been the biggest Indian arts market event in the United States and the most prestigious juried Native arts show in the world. The Santa Fe Indian Market is held every August and you can find over 1,000 artists during the market and over 10 kinds of artwork sold including drums, bows and arrows, jewelry, wood carvings, bead work, baskets, and more. Their site features phots from past markets, the history and previous winners, and more.


Think we left out any websites or blogs that are also great representations of Native culture? Have any questions for us? Feel free to leave a comment below or check out our Contact Us page.