10+ Quick Tips about the HUD 184 Loan

Established in 1992, the Section 184 loan provided by HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, has helped thousands of Native Americans get home loans both on and off reservations. For those who are looking for some quick tips about the HUD 184 loan, what is required for both home and borrower eligibility, and more, continue reading below.


Bullet ImageNo maximum income limits

Bullet ImageLow PMI monthly mortgage insurance

Bullet ImageDown payment requirement of 2.25%

Bullet Image1.5% one time, up-front guarantee fee that is financed into the loan

Bullet ImageNeeds to be an owner occupied primary residence only

Bullet ImageNOT credit score driven, but but credit history will be reviewed

Bullet ImageHomebuyer education is NOT required

Bullet ImageGifts of money funded by family or the tribe for assistance are allowed

Borrower Eligibility

Bullet ImageMust be in an approved Native American area (includes 39 states)

Bullet ImageBorrower can only have one HUD 184 loan at a time, once paid off, then borrower can              apply for another one

Bullet ImageWe need to have at least one enrolled member of a Federally Recognized Tribe, but they          do not necessarily have to be related to, or married to the others on the loan.

Property Requirements

Below are the property requirements for the HUD 184 loan that must be met, especially where the property is located:

Bullet ImageNeeds to be a 1-4 single family residence

Bullet ImageManufactured/Modular homes

Bullet ImageFHA approved condos

Bullet ImageMust be located on Section 184 eligible area (see the red and yellow map below) that has          been approved

Approved Areas

184 Can be used in: Yellow – whole state, Red – certain counties, White – Ineligible

184 Terms and Limits

Bullet ImageThe HUD 184 loan can be used for:

Bullet ImagePurchase

Bullet ImagePurchase and remodel/upgrade

Bullet ImageRate and term refinance

Bullet ImageCash out refinance

Bullet ImageNew Construction

Bullet ImageRemodel/Upgrade

Bullet ImageDebt Consolidation

Bullet Image15 or 30 years fixed rate

Bullet ImageSeller can contribute up to 6% seller concessions

Bullet ImageMax 41% DTI (debt-to-income) ratio

Bullet ImageMaximum loan limits will vary by county and state. Each has a different amount and here is        a breakdown of each loan limit by state

Approved Lenders

There are approved lenders all across the country, including 1st  Tribal. Eligible borrowers can apply, but must work with an approved 184 lender that have a deep understanding of the intricacies of the HUD 184 program. If you have any questions about what was covered in this post, or would like to know more information, feel free to contact us at 1st Tribal, call us at (866) 235-4033, or leave a comment below.