Best 2015 Renovations for Your Home

Best 2015 Renovations for Your Home


If you are thinking about remodeling your home, this year is going to be a great year to do it! From renovating your kitchen, to replacing the siding of your house, this is the year to go big on home renovations. Below is a list of some of the best 2015 renovations for your home that will help you get the most return of your investment. So, save up your tax returns, learn the differences between a mortgage and a home loan and get one, and consider making some of these small and large changes to your home.


Replace Your Roof

One of the better investments on getting the bang for your buck in 2015, replacing your roof can be exciting and improve the look and resale price of your home. The average cost to replace your roof can cost around $6,000-$12,000 depending upon the size of your house, height and pitch of your room, and the type and quality of shingles. Dependent upon the price of your home and some other factors, you could get 80% or more return at resale, because there are many buyers that would prefer to not only have a working roof, but one that has a great curb appeal.


Combine the Outdoors and Indoors

A continuing trend from 2014, homeowners continue to see outdoor living spaces as the extension of the home, especially in places that are warm for most of the year. This includes freestanding fire pits and built in fireplaces, outdoor pizza ovens, and seamless transitions from indoors to outdoors through the use of sliding doors and floor to ceiling windows. During your renovation you can start off small and maybe build a nice firepit in the backyard, and if you have money to burn, I suggest going with an outdoor pizza oven/small kitchen. Perfect for backyard barbecues and parties.  I would also suggest avoiding building a pool. Although it may add a little return on investment, they take a lot of work to maintain and if you are living more northern, can only be used 3-4 months out of the year due to cold weather.


Why Repaint When You Can Go Vinyl

Although one of the more expensive renovations on the list, vinyl these days tends to represent massive curb appeal. So why not look at vinyl instead of repainting your home? Sure, there are some that feel that only wood should cover the outside of a home, but there are many pros to going vinyl. Compared to using wood, vinyl costs less to install because it goes up faster than wood and doesn’t need to be painted. It also comes in many different colors to fit the feel and look of your home and personality. But, just as with any kind of installation going into your home, it’s good to research which vinyl works best for you, as well as finding the right installer.


Renovate Your Basement

Do you have a basement that you have been meaning to renovate since you moved into your home? Well, this year is your year to improve your home, so why not fix up the basement considering it’s cheaper than add on to your home. Before you begin the renovation though, you need to prep your basement and make sure that changes can be made and are worth making. There are many websites you can learn how to prep for a basement remodel project, to make sure that everything in the basement is working properly before you make major changes. There are many things you can do in your renovation to not only assure comfort, but also prepare for the worst when it comes to flooding, freezing, and more. There are specific floorings you can get that won’t be destroyed by water, ceiling tiles to improve access for plumbing.


Customize Your Kitchen

One of the bigger trends that have been seen in home shows so far is the ability to customize your kitchen to fit your needs. There are many companies now, including Bauformat, Thermador, and Frigidaire,  that are producing appliances made for customization including fridges that have different organization systems, countertops that provide multiple height workspaces, the ability to go handless on cabinets, dishwashers, fixtures such as faucets, and more. Some are available at affordable prices, and some are a bit on the pricier side depending upon how sophisticated and what quality you want the appliances to be.